The capital of the island, Parikia, is the only commercial and passenger port of Paros. Parikia combines the modern tourist image with the traditional Cycladic element. In the town of Parikia you can visit many and remarkable sights such as Panaya Ekatondapilianì (St Mary’s Church of A Hundred Gates), the Frankish Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the ancient cemetery and the windmills. All the above sights are accessible to tourists.

A significant attraction is the market of Parikia. The traditional cobbled alleyways are filled with people during most hours of the day; take a stroll in the alleys and encounter stone houses, beautiful shops and welcoming people.

Many restaurants and taverns promise you a taste of the delicious local cuisine. You can also find bars with DJ music sets, as well as live music bars that promise you unforgettable moments.



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